Design system

Guiker is a real estate startup based in Montreal. They contacted me help them bring their brand and visual design to new level. I worked with the product team over the course of 5 weeks, creating a new look and feel for the brand, a comprehensive components library made in Figma and a visual design style guide.

What I did:
Branding, design of product pages, design system, design guidelines

Defining a new look and feel

One of the aims of the project was creating a new look and feel for the Guiker brand. We started defining the brand personality keywords, based on which I created moodboards to quickly get feedback from the team.

A brand refresh

Designing in context

To define the new look and feel of the website, I started designing the Homepage and the Services page. I iterated a few design directions and eventually we landed on a simple but professional style.

App design

I redesigned the main screens and flows of the product, in order to extrapolate the components and test the new design system in progress.

Atomic design

I built the components using the atomic design methodology and aligning everything to the 8pt grid.

A touch of personality

To add more joy and wit to the app, we introduced illustrations in key pages, empty states and modals.

A brand book for scalability

Handing over to the devs


I delivered a comprehensive library of responsive components that the product team can use to quickly design new features or iterate on current ones. I also crafted a visual design style guide that explains the use of typography, colours, illustrations in both product and marketing website.

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